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Technology for the upstream business

  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Production & Flow Assurance
  • Drilling & Completions

Reservoir Engineering

Understand complex phenomena inside reservoirs, spanning from routine petrophysical data characterization to reservoir souring predictions and EOR, using technologies that help engineers, petrophysicists, and production chemists, from the pore to the reservoir scale.

Production & Flow Assurance

Meet the innovative solutions, from fluid analysis to system design and online monitoring, that will help you predict, prevent, and mitigate flow assurance issues such as severe slugging, wax, and hydrates deposition.

Drilling & Completions

Discover new ways to improve your drilling processes by applying physics-based simulation coupled with AI techniques. Our methods enable real-time data analysis and simulation to prevent drilling issues before they become critical problems.

Explore our solutions

Digital solutions for every stage of reservoirs, wells, and pipelines

Real-time monitoring

Monitor wells from drilling to operation, prevent issues, optimize NPT, and ensure structural integrity in real-time.

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Pipeline leak detection

Detect leaks in single-phase liquid transport pipelines, and even issue an alert to the pipeline operator in real-time.

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Flow assurance consulting

Secure sustainable production and reduce risks such as severe slugging, wax deposition, and hydrate formation.

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Reservoir souring and geochemistry

Simulate phenomena in reservoirs, such as microbiological H2S generation and geochemical interactions.

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Custom software development

Partner with our team to develop solutions based on our proprietary technology, or even design new software to meet your needs.

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