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Revolutionizing sandstone consolidation inference: ESSS honored at Petrobras Inventor Award 2024

ESSS O&G received the award for a collaborative project conducted alongside Petrobras, focusing on the implementation of an innovative LSTM neural network tool tailored for rock formation consolidation analysis.

ESSS proudly announces its recent accolade at the Petrobras Inventor Award 2024, held on April 29th, 2024. The event spotlighted pioneering innovations within the oil and gas sector, recognized for their tangible impact. Criteria for the award include evaluating the technical proficiency of researchers alongside their skills for pushing the boundaries of innovation.

ESSS was honored by securing a patent through INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) for its innovative “Formation Consolidation Inference Module.” This achievement marks a significant milestone for the company, underscoring its ongoing commitment to driving innovation and advancing technological frontiers in the oil and gas industry.

The patented module, developed collaboratively by ESSS O&G’s expert team in partnership with Petrobras, introduces a pioneering methodology for analyzing drilling parameters to infer the consolidation status of reservoir formations. This tool serves as a pivotal decision-support system for selecting optimal sand control strategies, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and mitigating risks in well completion processes.

Key highlights of the groundbreaking methodology include:

  • Utilization of a statistical classification model and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) network for data analysis.
  • Validation through a rigorous cross-strategy approach, ensuring reliability and accuracy.
  • High identification efficiency, with approximately 90% accuracy in test results.
  • Real-time application within drilling digital twin environments, enabling proactive decision-making during the drilling phase.
  • Significance for Brazilian post-salt wells, particularly those with sandstone reservoir formations.

In addition to Fabio Rodrigues and Victor Hugo Carriço from ESSS, André Leibsohn Martins and Rodrigo Tobisawa from Petrobras also participated in the project.

André Leibsohn Martins (Petrobras), Rodrigo Yugi Ikuta Tobisawa (Petrobras), and Fabio Rodrigues (ESSS) receive the Petrobras Inventor Award 2024.

“This patented module represents a paradigm shift in sandstone consolidation inference,” remarked Fabio Rodrigues, Drilling & Completion Product Manager at ESSS O&G. “By harnessing the power of data analytics and artificial intelligence, we are revolutionizing the way consolidation inferences are made, ultimately enhancing well integrity and production optimization.”

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