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Simulation to support engineering learning

Dedicated to assisting the development of science and finding common grounds to unlock potential synergies between the academic community and the industry, we offer our simulation tools to support engineering learning.

Currently, more than 3,000 academics use ESSS simulation software for phenomena related to fluid characterization, production, and flow assurance, all the way from concept and design to testing and validation. 

Advancing teaching and learning

Oil and gas companies need engineers trained in the latest simulation technologies. With that in mind, we offer the best in simulation software for teachers to incorporate into their curricula, students to use for assignments, and researchers to advance their projects.

In addition, university professors and researchers can participate in model improvement and product development via special paid partnerships.

Your university can partner with us to:

card learning

Develop active teaching methodologies in engineering courses.

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Demonstrate case studies to enhance student understanding of physical and chemical models.

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Train students to use simulation software widely used in industry.

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