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ALFAsim 2022.R2: Introducing the Electric Submersible Pump

The update includes a highly requested equipment for production optimization simulations.

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How to Prepare PVT Data for Flow Assurance Simulations

Discover RF-DAP FASE, the software that ESSS O&G is developing to generate fluid properties for flow assurance simulators such as ALFAsim, and discover how to get a reliable representation of fluid behavior.

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Analyze your reservoir in greater detail and reduce uncertainties

ESSS one-way coupling technology enables complex analyses like microbiological souring and geochemical calculations in addition to reservoir simulation results.

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Comprehensive Software Solutions for Reliable Insights and Diagnostics

Off-the-Shelf Technology

Ready-to-use tools spanning from digital rock to production and flow assurance, will help you get the most out of your assets.

Custom Development

Whether we’re customizing our existing technologies or developing new tools from scratch, our expertise and building-block technologies can deliver custom software within short time frames in a cost-effective way.

Consulting Services & Training

Need quick results? Our team of experts can apply our existing technologies to provide quick answers to your needs. Additionally, we offer technology transfer projects and solution deployment strategies that include training tailored to each customer’s unique challenges.

Technology for the Upstream Business

Reservoir Engineering

From the pore to the reservoir scale, ESSS O&G’s technologies help engineers, petrophysicists, and production chemists understand complex phenomena inside their reservoirs, spanning from routine petrophysical data characterization to reservoir souring predictions.

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Production & Flow Assurance

Meet the innovative solutions, from fluid analysis to system design and online monitoring, that will help you predict, prevent, and mitigate flow assurance issues such as severe slugging, wax, and hydrates deposition.

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Drilling & Completions

Discover new ways to improve your drilling processes by applying physics-based simulation coupled with AI techniques. These techniques enable real-time data analysis and simulation to prevent drilling issues before they become critical problems.

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ALFAsim 2022.R2: Introducing the new Electric Submersible Pump


ALFAsim 2022.R1: Enhanced Fluid Flow Simulations


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Scientific Paper

1D Numerical Simulations of Hydrate Formation and Transport in Oil-Dominated Systems with a Population Balance Framework

Scientific Paper

Real Time MPD Optimization in Challenging Scenarios


Using RF-DAP FASE to predict properties of fluids with high CO2 concentration

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