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Introducing RF-DAP 2024.1: Discover the improvements for Catalogue, FASE and STEPS modules

We are proud to announce the latest version of RF-DAP, a platform developed by ESSS O&G to manage rock and fluid databases. This platform predicts the phase equilibria and estimates physical, thermodynamic, and transport properties of complex hydrocarbon and aqueous mixtures.

On RF-DAP 2024.1, we’ve enhanced version 2023.12 with UX Improvements and Bug Fixes for the Catalogue, Fluid Analysis and Simulation Environment (FASE), and Simulation of Thermodynamic Electrolyte Partitioning and Speciation (STEPS) modules.

In Catalogue, we updated the design for IFT and Contact Angle Experiments, enhanced print tag and share actions, and fixed files units in attachments and uploaded documents.

In FASE, we enhanced the user experience in PVT Experiments, Phase Envelope and Flash adjusting design, warning messages, input validations, and plots.

We also updated our STEPS modules to the newest version of Reaktoro v2, improving the user experience for gas and mineral streams.

Read the detailed list of latest updates


  • Design updates for IFT and Contact Angle Experiments
  • Design updates for print tag and share actions
  • Fixes for uploaded files units


  • Saturation pressure and temperature information on PVT simulation experimental data is now visible
  • Phase Envelope plot size is fixed
  • Phase types in the flash simulations legend are visible
  • Critical point is added to phase envelope
  • Viscosity units in flash phase properties are updated
  • Experimental data for the CCE are sorted
  • Users can change units in Phase Envelope
  • Warnings when fluid characterization raises an error are improved
  • Plot for chosen units in flash simulation is updated
  • PVT simulation plots for chosen units in simulation results are updated
  • “Last is in std” from the CCE Experiment is removed


  • Errors for mixtures without gas or mineral streams are noted
  • Percentages for streams are converted to decimals automatically
  • STEPS is now updated to use the newest version of Reaktoro v2

Bug fixes for previous versions:



  • Loading for SOPs


  • Invalid values in Flash



  • Save for mass % in Chromatography experiment
  • Save heavier components in Chromatography experiment


  • Save for CCE Experimental Weights
  • Regression parameters for LBC and DL
  • Loading Regression results page
  • Loading Tuning parameters table

We are committed to delivering the best possible experience for our customers, and your feedback is important. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvements, contact our experts today.