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ESSS O&G monitors the 10 largest producing wells in Brazil

Petrobras, who is responsible for the top 10 oil production wells in Brazil, uses ESSS real-time monitoring solution to maximize production.

The Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels – ANP, released its Oil and Natural Gas Production Bulletin Number 150, in February 2023. The bulletin contains data from 252 producing areas and updated information on Brazilian production extracted from hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs. According to the bulletin, oil and natural gas production in Brazil was approximately 3262 MMbbl/d (million barrels per day) and 146540 thousand m³/d, respectively, totaling 4183 MMboe/d (million barrels of oil equivalent per day). Regarding petroleum, the top 10 production wells are located offshore in the Santos basin and are all monitored by ESSS O&G Real-time monitoring technology, in a partnership with Petrobras.

Petrobras, a major player in the global energy market, uses ESSS O&G real-time technology to monitor more than 330 production wells. The monitoring uses digital twin technology to integrate physical simulation models with real-time data analysis. This allows it to identify potential problems before they occur and analyze several types of wells, including producers or injectors, conventional or unconventional, onshore or offshore. ESSS O&G specialized team evaluates results related to equipment integrity, multiphase flow, and more, to ensure the structural integrity of your wells.

With this technology, engineers can make decisions in real-time based on data acquisition, organization, and contextualization with physical simulation models and data analysis. Petrobras estimates a $30 million gain per year due to improved management of maintenance downtime and shutdowns. 

Maycon dos Santos, Production and Integrity Coordinator and Consultant at ESSS O&G,  commented on the benefits of using real-time data and simulations to optimize operational parameters.

According to dos Santos “The use of digital twins, such as those used in the top 10 wells in the ranking, is directly linked to the efficiency and safety of operations. It can add enormous value to operators, as it allows for flexibility of operational parameters without compromising safety standards. By using real-time data, which is more accurate than using expected data for future situations, operators can better elaborate operational limits. Additionally, the service can optimize future operations through previous simulations based on the current status of the well. We will also witness a revolution in the so-called ‘industrial metaverse’ when we can fully utilize cloud computing, 5G, physical simulation models, and artificial intelligence. This project is just the beginning of that trajectory.”

About ESSS O&G

ESSS O&G is part of Engineering Simulation and Scientific Software (ESSS), a Brazilian company that stands out in the global market by developing computer simulation solutions for engineering. In the oil, gas and energy market, ESSS O&G is specialized in consulting and services focused on the needs of each client, in areas such as flow assurance, well drilling and reservoir engineering. 

Companies in the energy industry that wish to apply computer simulation solutions to improve processes and ensure project safety can contact the company and talk to a team of experts.

About Petrobras

Petrobras is a leading integrated energy company based in Brazil, with a strong focus on the exploration and production of oil and gas resources. The company operates across the entire energy value chain, including downstream activities such as refining and distribution, delivering energy solutions while considering economic growth and environmental impact.