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Next generation dynamic multiphase flow simulator


ALFAsim is a 1D dynamic multiphase flow simulator which resulted as the natural evolution of the simulation technology developed for its preceding well and pipeline flow simulators. It combines a robust mathematical formulation with an advanced numerical strategy to deliver a computationally efficient simulation experience in an intuitive interface. Simulations are set up and launched in a modern workspace environment and the results are plotted in a versatile and intelligent manner by featuring simple, fast, and user-friendly sequential steps for pre- and post-processing.

Equipment Models

Add several types of valves, pumps, compressors, separators and model your reservoir using standard equipment in ALFAsim or add your custom model via the plug-in infrastructure.


Solids transport

ALFAsim solid transport models calculates slip velocities and slurry viscosities to represent the effect of solid particles in multiphase flow. Current implement models are based on the work of:

  • Thomas (1965)
  • Mills (1985)
  • Santamaría-Holek (2010)

Dedicated Flow assurance modules

ALFAsim can be used to identify Flow Assurance issues that may potentially occur within the productive system and impair the production, such as liquid slugs and paraffin and hydrate deposition. The user can use that information in order to prevent these issues from occuring or design remediation methods.

The following example illustrates hydrate deposition as a function of time for an specific pipeline position.

Black oil correlations

ALFAsim supports black-oil correlations which require a reduced number of oil properties to generate the PVT variables needed in the simulations:

  • Vasquez & Beggs
  • Lasater
  • Standing
  • Glaso (1980)

Dynamic trends and profiles

ALFAsim is capable of processing and visualizing the properties along the production system at each timestep.
Additionally, it is capable of processing variable trends at specifics positions defined by the user.

Customization Framework

Couple your own physical models to ALFAsim through its dedicated customization framework. ALFAsim’s HOOKS and API allow users to both include proprietary equations on its solver and enable variable input via Graphical User Interface, ultimately creating an installation package (plug-in) that can be easily redistributed.

The ALFAsim-SDK package is open source and freely available on Github. For more information, click here.

Client-Server Architecture

ALFAsim’s Client-Server Architecture enables remote runs in the cloud or any dedicated processing server while the User Interface runs in the user machine, where all the set-up and post processing is done.

Pipeline Design

Have vital engineering insights related to slug prediction, holdup management, pack-offs and other critical situations when designing pipelines. ALFAsim’s sensitivity analysis framework allows ease creation of multiple runs to explore different scenarios and ultimately arrive at the most feasible configuration for the expected operational conditions.

O&G production

Understand how your wells behave in shut-ins, start-ups and other transient scenarios, like liquid loading, severe slugging and pigging operations.

Flow Assurance

ALFAsim customization framework allows companies to create or use plugins dedicated to each specific issue, such as wax deposition, hydrate formation, erosion, corrosion and other challenges each field presents. ESSS O&G offers wax deposition and hydrate formation plugins and all the expertise to create new depending on clients needs.