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New changes on comparing property results tool

At Kraken 2.0.58 a new tool was presented: the Solutions Comparison tool. Now on Kraken 2.0.59 some issues about GUI and usability were fixed.

GUI changes
Buttons were repositioned and properly identified to make it easier to understand the purpose of each GUI component.

Adding columns
Different from the previous version, a new GUI was created to allow the selection of more than one statistic and property to be added at once.

Units support
For each new column an extra header is created to show the current unit of the related property. Using this header it is possible to view the current values in a different unit.

Parallel calculation
In the previous version the application didn’t behave well when working with information from large cases. Now this is made in a parallel thread to avoid  the application from becoming unresponsive. It is also possible to cancel the current calculation if necessary.