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ALFAsim version 1.6.0: improvements and new features for oil and gas production challenges

The oil and gas industry is always facing new challenges. With the increasing demand to reduce costs, having a tool that offers better solutions to optimize your processes is always top-of-mind. ALFAsim’s latest release tackles some of these difficulties with new features and options never seen before.

The just-released ALFAsim version 1.6.0 brings improvements such as annulus flow simulation, gas lift valves, and compositional models. The release also offers a new steady state simulation mode, parallel runs, and a number of threads configuration.

Inside the major highlights for version 1.6.0

Well Editor Improvements

Stagnant fluid: Stagnant fluids can be now configured and  displayed in the schematic when present. Annulus tab: A new tab for configuring the well annulus and its equipment is now available.

Annulus Flow Simulation

It is now possible to simulate flow within the annulus region between the casing and the production column.

Gas Lift Valves

Gas lift valves models are now available to be used with annular flow.

Steady State Simulation Mode

A new option in the Physics tab lets you choose between a transient and steady state simulation regime. This option will disable all transient-related input in all editors. Since this type of simulation does not happen over time, trends are not output in Steady State mode.

Compositional PVT Model

A new option in PVT Model allows you to compute the fluid properties through thermodynamic phase equilibrium calculations. This option considers the changes in the fluid composition along with the network.This feature is still marked as experimental, as the team would like to execute more tests, but users are welcome to try it and provide feedback (see “known limitations” below).

Number of Threads and Parallel Runs Configuration

The Number of Threads option allows designers to configure the maximum number of threads each run can use, where “-1” indicates that the maximum number of cores is to be used. The Parallel Runs option allows you to configure the maximum number of runs to execute in parallel.

UI Improvements

It is now possible to resize the columns of the Materials editor and the contents of Well Editors.

Physical Models

Now available: New correlation for droplet entrainment in vertical flow, new correlation for interface friction factor in vertical annular flow, and new correlation for slug void fraction in vertical slug flow.

Solver Improvements

Solver enhancements include fixed mass flow rate oscillation at steady-state condition, enhanced integration between solver and point model, tuned entrainment/deposition transfer term, improved numerical robustness of reservoir inflow in the steady-state solver, and fixed ‘stop on steady-state’ criteria.


False Simulation Had Crashed Messages

Occasionally, the application was wrongly reporting a failure in running simulations, when in fact they were still running without errors. This was fixed, so no false positives should occur.

Known Limitations

Restart files from older ALFAsim versions are no longer supported, and will crash the simulation.

Tracers will not be considered in Gas Lift Valves.

Valves and Pumps cannot be used in a well if annulus flow is present.

Only the last packer defined in the valid region is considered when annulus flow is enabled.

Compositional PVT Model

Single-component simulations are not supported yet.

When simulating using Heavy Components, you must have at least 3 heavy components in the fluid composition.

All fluids with heavy components must have the same minimum number of single carbons.

When adding heavy components to the fluid composition, the number of single carbons must be sequentially ordered.

When using two (or more) fluids at the same network, the case in which one fluid is composed of only light components and the other one contains heavy components is not supported yet.


For ALFAsim users:

1. Access ESSS support center

2. Enter Username (your e-mail) and Password

3. If this is your first time accessing the portal, select Forgot my password

4. Download the installer for ALFAsim version 1.6.0


Should you experience any difficulties while downloading or using this version, please do not hesitate to contact us. As always, your feedback and suggestions are greatly encouraged and appreciated. Our technical support team may be reached at or