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Microbiological Reservoir Souring Simulator


SourSimRL is the industry standard simulator for predicting souring due to microbiological action in water-flooded reservoirs. By reusing reservoir simulation from most commercial and in-house tools, SourSimRL adds microbial activity, H2S and CO2 generation, and transport data while considering rock adsorption, scavenging and other complex effects to predict when and how much H2S can be produced by the wells during field life. Developed over more than 20 years of research in a joint industry project, SourSimRL is currently owned by seven major companies and developed by ESSS in collaboration with them.


  • Biomass growth and activity
  • H2S generation and component transport
  • Oil biodegradation
  • Scavenging
  • Rock adsorption
  • Biocide
  • Nitrate
  • Thermal Modeling

Compatible Simulators

  • Eclipse 100/300 and Intersect
  • Landmark VIP and Nexus
  • Chevron Chears
  • Shell MoRes
  • ExxonMobil EMpower and iRMS

Workflow Features

  • Integrated sensitivity analysis
  • Integrated history matching
  • Coupling with external optimizers
  • Pre-processor and API for sourSimRL input files generation
  • Integrated plots and 3D view

Topside Design

In water-flooded reservoirs, injection water must be treated before being injected so sulphates and other nutrients can be removed to reduce levels of produced H2S. Other water and gas treatment equipment must be designed to operate in different scenarios. SourSimRL predictions help process engineers design such plants and may save significant money and space when dealing with offshore platforms.

Material Selection

It is important to highlight that some levels of H2S can be handled in topside facilities, and the intention is not to eliminate H2S entirely. However, when dealing with certain amounts of H2S and CO2, companies must take measures to reduce corrosion and guarantee that equipment and pipelines will not fail over their field lives. SourSimrL H2S level prediction helps with material selection and provides information for flow assurance studies.


Hydrogen sulphide is a dangerous component that can harm the environment and threaten human life, especially because it is invisible and odorless even when it’s found at lethal concentrations. SourSimRL allows companies to not only understand hydrogen sulfide generation and forecast production levels but also to gain insights about mitigation techniques, such as biocide and nitrate injection in the reservoir or H2S scavenger injection in production lines, helping engineers to design safer operations.