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Reservoir data management and analysis


Kraken is a powerful tool that allows you to inspect the results of reservoir simulations from different software and to automate workflows using its unique Python API. Kraken is also ESSS’s standard post-processing tool for our advanced reservoir analysis technology, such as souring and scaling simulations.

Smart property management

  • Semantic data identification from multiple sources enables data comparison from different simulators
  • Data are categorized using their role, phase, condition, and other parameters
  • Reservoir simulation entities are displayed hierarchically
  • Grid and well entities are grouped and categorized
  • Users can input data in many units and convert between them easily

Compatible simulators

  • Eclipse E100/E300 and Intersect
  • CMG Suite: IMEX, STARS and GEM
  • Landmark VIP and Nexus
  • OPM
  • Shell MoRes
  • ExxonMobil EMpower
  • Chevron Chears

Workflow automation

  • Dedicated Python API and scripting interface to help automate reservoir simulation post-processing and to generate reports
  • Readily available macro to record and play back daily tasks


Report generation

  • Easily copy and paste images and data into other common applications
  • Produce custom reports using standard formats (html, rtf, pdf)


Rich data comparison

  • Creation of case comparisons to assess differences between two different simulation models
  • All visualization/manipulation capabilities/features of a single simulation are available for the case comparisons
  • Units reconciliation and semantic association of well and grid functions

Powerful data inspection allows

  • Simultaneous visualization of available data in a reservoir simulation model
  • Synchronized interaction in all views with a single click
  • Enhanced coloring strategies
  • Synchronized time step selection

Visualization process

  • Plane cut and clip
  • Isosurface cut and clip
  • IJK block selection
  • Streamlines
  • Selection by property
  • Selection by well completion
  • Custom procedures

Pre-processing capabilities

  • Grid and well data conversion from one reservoir simulator format to another
  • Special converter for writing out UTCHEM input data


  • Movie creation based on key frames
  • Camera interpolation

Powerful Visualization

Inspect your reservoir in detail with a 3D visualization and grid manipulation via plane cuts, isosurfaces, streamlines, and a cell inspector. Mix 2D and 3D views in a single workspace to correlate production behavior with synchronized visualization, gaining a better understanding of flow behavior.

Workflow Automation

Through a dedicated Python API, Kraken allows users to develop macros for workflow automation, reporting generation, and other repetitive tasks. Record your macros and play them to easily re-create plots, 3D views, and other frequent post-processing actions.

Python Library

Kraken API also can be used as a Python package for complex workflows involving history matching, uncertainty analysis, and optimization by allowing users and developers to extract data from multiple realizations within loops.