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Laboratory Data Management, Analysis & Simulation

RFDAP is an environment designed to integrate the physical and digital worlds of a petrophysics laboratory. It allows users to manage rock and fluid experimental data and their characterization workflows.

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Digital Rock Properties Simulation

Using CT-Scan images of rock samples as input, PORE digitally reconstructs the topology of pores and throats. By using a Pore Network Modeling method, PORE simulates properties such as porosity, absolute and relative permeabilities, and capillary pressure.

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Reservoir Simulation Data Analysis

Kraken is a powerful data management platform used to inspect reservoir simulation results from different simulators and to automate workflows using its unique Python API. Kraken is also ESSS’s standard post-processing tool for our advanced reservoir analysis technology, such as souring and scaling simulations.

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Microbiological Souring Simulation

SourSimRL is the industry standard tool for reservoir souring simulation. The software is a result of many years of R&D involving the major Oil & Gas operators. SourSimRL employs ESSS’s one-way coupling technology, which uses existing reservoir simulations as input for microbiological models and H2S generation and transportation.

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1D Dynamic Multiphase Flow Simulation

ALFAsim simulates wells and pipelines during their normal and transient operations, such as shut-ins and start-ups. ALFAsim’s unique customization capabilities enable companies to develop their own flow assurance modules to predict issues such as wax deposition, hydrate formation, corrosion, and erosion.

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