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ESSS invests in Oil & Gas business unit and launches new software

ESSS O&G expands its portfolio with a new software ALFAsim, which solves problems related to flow assurance and artificial lift.

Since 1995, ESSS brings engineering and computer science together in software development projects and custom services for the Oil & Gas (O&G) industry. To further strengthen its performance in this sector, the company created a new business area totally dedicated to O&G sector. This new area will develop custom software and deliver ESSS products for upstream and midstream, such as the recently launched ALFAsim, Kraken, and SDVO softwares.

ESSS has been working for Research and Development  projects for over 25 years with O&G companies, and now we are gradually introducing new products to this market that incorporate all this experience and learning. This new portfolio is a result of integration among ESSS team and our partners. We believe that the formalization of a business unit reinforces ESSS’s commitment, and provides the necessary focus for the sustainability and growth of these products,” said Clóvis Maliska Júnior, president of ESSS.

ALFAsim is one of the highlights of ESSS’s O&G portfolio. The software was designed to optimize time and production by streamlining analysis tasks ranging from simulation setup to post-processing and results presentation. ALFAsim combines a robust mathematical formulation with an advanced numerical strategy to deliver a computationally efficient simulation experience in an intuitive interface. Simulations are set up within a single environment where all key tasks are readily available to the user. Results are plotted in a versatile and intelligent manner by featuring simple, fast, and user-friendly steps for pre-and post-processing.

“ALFAsim is the result of a major research and development effort by ESSS in partnership with  GALP/Petrogal Brasil to create a new simulation tool for oil and gas pipelines, focused on the challenges of the Brazilian pre-salt, as fluids with high CO2 content and high pressures and temperatures. ALFAsim also has a unique architecture for creating plug-ins, which makes it a platform that can be very useful to universities and research institutions dedicated to Flow Assurance studies,”
explains Vinicius Girardi, ESSS Business Development Manager O&G.

ESSS offers two other products to the oil and gas industry: Kraken and SDVO. Kraken software is an appropriate tool for integration and advanced manipulation of field data and reservoir simulation. In partnership with Petrobras, ESSS O&G also offers the SDVO (Pipeline Leakage Detection System), software for monitoring and detecting leaks in oil transportation pipelines and their derivatives.

ESSS O&G solutions are designed for reservoir engineering, well engineering, and flow assurance. The company develops custom computer simulation products for a variety of tasks associated with the workflow of these areas and enables increased productivity and reliable results. Learn more about each area below.

Reservoir Engineering. Reverse engineering involves planning and implementing optimal hydrocarbon reserves development by gathering information from key areas such as drilling, geology, geophysics, petrophysics, and production technology, The goal is to ultimately provide an integrated and reliable assessment of the field throughout its life, from its discovery and appraisal to its production and abandonment. Moreover, reservoir engineering should support field development planning, reservoir performance reporting, and production optimization. ESSS develops custom simulation solutions for a variety of tasks associated with reservoir engineering workflows, thereby allowing increased productivity and trustworthy results.

Well Engineering: Some of the challenges faced by the drilling industry include maintaining pressure control to minimize risks of a blowout or a wellbore collapse or loss of circulation; proper cementing; well cleaning; fulfilling drilling fluids requirements; and maintaining the well’s correct direction. Further, it is important to tackle these challenges as fast as possible because each second spent on drilling represents a financial cost. In that light, relying on customized simulation software solutions can lead to faster data processing and ultimately faster decision making.

Flow Assurance. As part of the O&G production, flow assurance activities include prediction, prevention, mitigation, and removal of organic and inorganic deposits, as well as the study of phenomena such as corrosion and erosion, which can hinder the flow through oil and gas production and transportation systems in a hydrocarbon field.

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The solutions offered by ESSS play a key role in the most innovative projects in the world, providing radically better and more efficient products to more than 500 clients in the most diverse segments of the industry: oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, metalworking, energy, turbomachinery, chemical processes, and mining.