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EnginSoft UK and ESSS presented Kraken in Aberdeen

Last September ESSS and EnginSoft UK, our partner in Europe for distributing Kraken, presented at the event Using Analytics to Improve Production, organised by the Digital Energy Journal, in Aberdeen.

The event mainly discussed how analytical techniques can be used to better understand field behaviour and increase production without necessarily increasing costs and investments. Due to recent drop in oil prices, optimising resources and production is even more important to keep operations profitable for oil companies.

In that sense, Kraken was presented as a data integration tool, where Reservoir Engineers can import both Field Production Data (Oil, Water and Gas productions) and simulations from different commercial software, perform analytical studies as production forecasting and field surveillance by comparing simulation models and data obtained in the field.

Such automation capability is offered to the user through Python, which is the programming language used by ESSS in Kraken’s architecture. That means the user is able to write algorithms to perform any calculations, implement equations and customize workflows to be used in daily analysis, for different fields and cases.

The conclusion of our presentation was that the customization capabilities provided in Kraken are key for saving engineering time, increasing team’s productivity and ultimately optimise the company’s resources during these critical low oil price times.