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ESSS O&G Adds PT. Energi Partner Indo (EPI) to ALFAsim Channel Partner Program

ESSS O&G announces a partnership with EPI to distribute ALFAsim in Indonesia

Jakarta-based company PT. Energi Partner Indo (EPI) provides services and technologies to the energy industry, especially for Oil & Gas. The new partnership between EPI and ESSS O&G will enable PT. Energi to offer new products to their customers, such as ALFAsim software.

ALFAsim is an engineering simulation software that models dynamic multiphase flow in wells and pipelines, including special modules for complex flow assurance issues. 

“We’re very pleased to partner with EPI, and we’re confident that this partnership will serve both companies well,” said Jean Paul Kabche, ESSS O&G Channel Partner Manager. “EPI has a well-established network in Indonesia, and we believe that ALFAsim can be a powerful addition to the production and flow assurance groups of these companies,” Kabche added.

EPI also distributes other simulation software products, and with this partnership, they can expand the products and services they offer to customers.  The company’s portfolio includes corrosion software and well and pipeline integrity monitoring systems. “ALFAsim is a modern simulator, fast, easy to use, and customizable, which is important to tackle specific challenges we face in the local market,” said Wisnu Wardana Ginting, Marketing & Technical Director at EPI. “In Indonesia we have a lot of companies operating brown fields, which have many flow assurance challenges. For these kinds of companies, ALFAsim is the optimum problem solver,” Wisnu added.

ALFAsim allows users to simulate nearly any type of wells and transport pipelines, creating realistic representations of production facilities. Additionally, it can be used as an online monitoring system, embedded in its web version, ALFAtwin.

The ALFAsim Channel Partner program is a global program for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs.) Channel partners can sell ESSS O&G software to grow and expand their businesses, and they also receive access to ESSS support and training.

If you’re interested in becoming a channel partner, please contact us: