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Multiflow JIP & ALFAsim Upgrade Project

The research projects and partners that led ALFAsim to be what it is today and that will shape its future

The ALFAsim Upgrade project consists of developing the next generation of three-phase flow models for ALFAsim, based on the most recent data generated by the Multiflow Project, a Joint Industry Project (JIP) run in Norway by SINTEF and IFE, two of the most well-renowned research institutes in the world regarding multiphase flow.

Both the base and special modules in ALFAsim are highly dependent on their validation and calibration through the use of high fidelity laboratory and field data, in order to provide accurate results and reliability for in-field project applications. During the course of verification and validation activities in the ALFAsim Project, it was realized that most of laboratory data were obtained from two-phase flow experiments, consisting of either two liquids (oil-water) or liquid-gas (gas-water or gas-oil). Up to this point, the three-phase flow models were empirically validated against field information and there was a lack of high fidelity experimental data to support such models.

Due to the importance of three-phase flows during the production life of hydrocarbon fields, ESSS and ISDB formed a new research consortium, which was also sponsored by Petrogal Brasil and utilized the R&D funds available from the ANP regulation. The goal is to develop new models and better understand the underlying physics of such type of flows. The results of this research initiative will be implemented into ALFAsim’s core models, and will be made available in the next versions of the software.