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Production & Flow Assurance

Design safer and more economical production networks and monitor flow behavior along its lifetime


Flow assurance is one of the many O&G disciplines when it comes to production. The term was created by Petrobras in the mid 90s, when facing production impairments due to paraffin deposits at the Albacora field – Campos Basin. Flow assurance activities include prediction, prevention, mitigation and removal of organic and inorganic deposits as well as the study of phenomena such as corrosion and erosion, that can hinder the flow through oil and gas production and transportation systems in a hydrocarbon field. Some of the flow assurance challenges that can be listed as High CO2 levels, Paraffin deposit, Hydrates, Asphaltenes and Scale build-up.

Software applications

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1D Dynamic multiphase flow simulation

ALFAsim simulates wells and pipelines during its normal and transient operations, such as shut-ins and start-ups. Its unique customization capabilities enables companies to develop their own flow assurance modules to predict issues such as wax deposition, hydrate formation, corrosion and erosion.

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