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Applications for Upstream Business

ESSS O&G technologies enable operators to get the most reliable insights and diagnostics from their reservoirs, wells, and pipelines so they can always produce at optimum levels.

Reservoir Engineering

From the pore to the reservoir scale, ESSS O&G technologies help engineers, petrophysicists, and production chemists understand complex phenomena inside their reservoirs, spanning from routine petrophysical data characterization to reservoir souring predictions.

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Production & Flow Assurance

Meet the innovative solutions, from fluid analysis to system design and online monitoring, that will help you predict, prevent, and mitigate flow assurance issues such as severe slugging, wax, and hydrates deposition.

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Drilling & Completions

Discover new ways to improve your drilling processes through the application of physics-based simulation coupled with AI techniques. These technologies enable real-time data analysis and simulation to prevent drilling issues before they become critical problems.

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